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Our products

BS8 creates wheels inspired by icons of the past for competitive use.

The wheels are made using AlSi7 primary alloy with heat treatment, this alloy improves the mechanical properties, this alloy is primarily used in the racing world.
The technology used to obtain an excellent product is a fusion of Arcasting at low pressure; it allows to have quality significantly above the molten jet, minimizing impurities and cavities present on the rim.
Again, in order to limit the impurities, the alloy undergoes a pretreatment said degassing which limits the presence of oxygen in its interior.
All wheels are subject to strict controls, such as the X-ray inspection (to verify the quality of the casting) and the tubeless test (to verify the absence of micro-holes on the rim).
All wheels are subjected to stress tests-destructive testing (rotating bending test and impact test).
Wheels are inserted steel bushings to ensure the tightness of the torque of the nuts / bolts.
For optimal aesthetic result, the painting procedure for the wheel provides a surface pre-treatment and 3 coats of paint (bottom, colored and transparent protective).

About us

The passion can not be only write, but live. The passion you breathe, it settles between the beats of the heart, is petrol, shooting toward the horizon to cross the finish line.

With passion I think and create BS8 rims, not just wheels for sports cars but icons of the sporting past, present and future.

The BS8 rims are full of charm and high performance, not only to attract the eye, but also to satisfy the most demanding riders. Excellence, sportsmanship and customization for unique products perfect for your needs.

The object, whatever it is, is never neutral, there is a relationship with the man and it must be considered: this is my philosophy, this belief that I apply at every stage of a product's life; from its conception to the phase of the tests on the road. A racing rim is never a simple rim: he lives, talks, promising you wins.

There are those who guide and the drivers, there are ordinary people and those who like to stand out, those who seek the limit and those who pass by.

We are the ones for whom life is run, the rest is waiting.


Andrea Biasiotto

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